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Hand Held Pallet Stretch Film

  • Stretch Film is the most economical solution for packaging.
  • It can be stretched up to 300% in automatic winding machines.
  • Under normal conditions, it is resistant from - 40 C to + 80 C.
  • It helps wrap your product safely and, thanks to its lightness, does not add additional weight to the product during transportation.
  • It is not affected by rain.
  • It is very economical and provides great savings in labor and time.
  • It is produced as standard in 17, 20 and 23 micron thicknesses.
  • 300 meter stretches are for manual use.
  • It covers sharp edges without tearing, is flexible and strong.
  • Due to its adhesiveness, you do not need to do any other treatment to the product or fix it with another material.
  • It complies with international standard.
  • It can also produce Stretch Film in various thicknesses and widths.

Machine Type Pallet Stretch Film

  • Unlike the features of Hand-held Stretch films
  • 1500 meter stretches are for manual use.