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Polyolefin film is a product with high tear, strain and puncture resistance due to its chemical structure consisting of layers connected to each other by the crosslinked process.
With its high gloss and transparency feature, it covers the product like a second skin.
Since the shrink feature occurs in a controlled manner, it wraps the product tightly and properly, and no sagging, brittleness or tearing occurs in the packaging, even if the ambient temperatures in which the product is located change.
The oxygen barrier in the film helps maintain the freshness of food products (such as chocolate, confectionery, baked goods, frozen food) and prevents them from becoming stale.
It is an environmentally friendly product that is recyclable and does not harm human health.
It can be used in all kinds of sectors, including food, cosmetics and perfumery, home appliances, toys, stationery and yarn.
It enables the transportation and sale of products in bulk.