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SBK Series


Conveyor has rotating feature at the same speed with the machine
Conveyor that can be associated with the automatic continuous packs
Conveyor equipped with powerful motor.
The conveyor’s speed settings can be managed from the control panel or from the machinery


T1 series can work in harmony with automatic and manual cutting units
Thanks to its powerful turbo, you get quality and fast packaging.
It has carrier shaft bands that rotate around itself for the Pof film.
Digital adjustable heat setting (PID system)
Speed adjustment for conveyor belt
Auto shut-off (when it drops to 90 degrees)
Stainless easily replaceable resistors
Excellent thermal insulation
High shrinking speed
Adjustable diverters for airflow control
Suitable for PVC, POF, PE films
Consumes low energy
Dual chamber turbo system (except KT1)
It has silicone coated carrier shaft bands
One year warranty except wearable parts
5-year spare parts supply warranty
Compliance with CE standards

Technical Drawings